Big Game Info

The theme for the game is going to be... Star Wars! This means the teams will be Sith and Jedi. Those who pre-register will have first chance to pick which side they'd like to be a part of.

Since there will be a lot of new and first time players out at this event we're going to keep the games fairly simple. This means most of the games will be giant team games with respawns, we will also mix a few objective games in.

The fundraisers for this event will have their own separate prize pool since they've been kind enough to donate to this worthwhile cause. Everyone else will be eligible for the paintball prizes. Every person who registers will be given a ballet, hidden throughout the field between games will be Star Wars themed props such as lightsabers and other objects. If you find one of these objects and bring it to me at the end of gameplay, you will be given an additional ballet so keep your eyes open!