Teen Challenge offers a dynamic training and discipleship program that includes academics, counseling, life-skills training, work detail, recreation, spiritual disciplines and more.  It is an intense, structured program that seeks to break addictions and help develop men & woman of excellence. 

A minimum of 12-months in length, the Teen Challenge program is broken up into two main phases: Induction and Training.  We operate recovery centres out of Brandon (Woman), Winnipeg, Denare Beach and Thunder Bay. 

Do I qualify?

You qualify if you are 18 and older and ready to deal with your addiction problem. 

Students can be paroled into our program.  Contact the intake director at your local centre if you are currently incarcerated.  A criminal record check is mandatory and does not necessarily disqualify you.

You do not have to be a Christian, but you must demonstrate a willingness to apply Biblical principles to your life.

How long is the application process?

Intake to the program is determined by the current waiting list and your own personal circumstances.  An interview is required once your application has been received.  If Teen Challenge is the right place for you, a start date is scheduled.  However, you must ensure you call in every Monday to reserve your bed.

What about work or school?

You are not permitted to work or attend school outside of Teen Challenge while enrolled in the program.  Participation of the program requires a complete 12-month commitment to receive the full benefit of what it offers.  Upon completion of the program, we will assist you in transitioning back into employment or further schooling on an individual basis.

Can I collect EI or welfare?

You are not permitted to collect government assistance while in the program, with the exception of disability benefits.

Passes & Visits

During your initial 2 weeks, passes, visits, calls and privileges are not permitted.  in the third month passes begin at 6 hours.  72-hour passes are available in the latter months.  Students are allowed 2 phone calls and 2 letters per week.  2 monthly visits are also permitted.

Can I smoke?

No.  Smoking, drinking or drug use of any kind will result in immediate dismissal.

What does it cost?

There is a one-time non-refundable intake fee of $1000.  To offset the cost of room & board, counseling, training and other expenses, we encourage support through our monthly partnership program.

How do I apply?

1. Download and read:

2. Submit the following forms to the intake manager at your local Teen Challenge centre:


  • CRIMINAL RECORD REQUEST (to be submitted to your local police station)
    • Either submit the receipt of payment for your record search or have your lawyer fax it in to the intake manager

To be filled out by a qualified individual:

3. Any questions you may have can be sent to your local intake manager:

Women: Manitoba, Thunder Bay & Area:  Kim Lowes | (204) 949-9484

Men: Manitoba & Area: Tony Schaefer | (204) 949-9484

Women: Thunder Bay, ON & Area: Jennifer Ahuja | 807-472-6909

Men: Thunder Bay, ON & Area: Cory Rettaler | (807) 630-5304

Men: Denare Beach, SK & Area: Allen Lagore | (306) 362-2117