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Sunday, April 15th @ 10:30am
Bethel Christian Assembly
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Saturday, September 1st @ 2pm
Splash Island, Portage La Prairie MB
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The Stories
TONY, 2013 GRAD | Tony turned to drugs and alcohol at school. After some devasting life events, including the break up of his family, an alcoholic mother and losing a close friend to suicide, Tony became calloused.

As he grew older, Tony gained jobs, friends and money, but nothing satisfied. Resentment and self-loathing took over an landed him on the street.

After a meeting with his father, Tony recognized the devastation he was causing his family and followed his suggestion to enroll at Teen Challenge.

Tony started investigating the Bible and gave his heart to the Lord. His withdrawals from 15 years of alochol and drug abuse vanished, and God made himself real to Tony in that moment.

Today Tony serves as Kitchen Manager at Teen Challenge Winnipeg, where he also prepares daily meals for Lighthouse Mission. He finds purpose in sharing his story of hope to others in despair. His calloused heart has been replaced with love, and he shares there is no going back.

SAVANNAH, 2013 GRAD | Savannah began smoking to fit in as a teenager. This escalated to harder drugs like cocaine. She was always broke, and would drink and get high to ease her conscience.

Depression hit Savannah hard, and some days she couldn't even get out of bed. After an angry outburst with a friend, Savannah had had enough and sought help. Savannah believed getting fired for stealing was God's way of saying He wanted her to go to Teen Challenge.

Today Savannah is genuinely happy, clean and sober. She shares that she has found Jesus and has a better understanding of God and His plan for her life. Her transformation has been instrumental in her family as well, with Savannah's brother and sister now also at Teen Challenge.

Savannah has been given the opportunity to help at an orphanage in South Africa as a missionary with Global Teen Challenge, where she is looking forward to helping children in need. Her depression has been turned to joy, and Savannah spreads that joy wherever she goes.
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