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CINDY It’s been four years since I entered Adult & Teen Challenge for my alcohol addiction. Since then I have completed the 12-month discipleship course, a seven-month refresher course and a six-month internship. When I was a new student in the program, I felt like a broken vase that couldn’t be put back together. But God showed me He was going to do better than fix me, He was going to make me into a brand new vase. And today I am that new creation! Not only am I able to live sober, but I have a whole new identity in Christ.

I am still in awe of God’s goodness and restoration daily in my life and my family. My son (who was scared to be alone with me before) now comes on weekly dates with me. Where there used to be hurt, pain, anger, deceit and broken relationships, there is now peace, love, joy, laughter, calm and fun! The circumstances in my life have not changed, and there can still be stressful days - but I no longer resort to my old coping mechanisms. 

God's using my story to give others hope now. Adult & Teen Challenge will always be my family, and I am forever grateful to this life-saving program that God uses. 

DANIEL I began using alcohol at 14 and progressed to marijuana and mushrooms by 17. It stayed a social practice, as I was very involved with hockey and other sports. My cocaine use started at university, when my father became ill. He died from ALS in 2002 at the age of 46. This was a complete tragedy and I lost it. Cocaine became a daily addiction and I eventually dropped out of school and turned to crime to pay for my drug habits. 

But God was with me through it all, and people started to pray for me! In December 2005 I had an encounter with the living God – and everything changed. God divinely intervened through a miraculous Acts 9 experience and I met JESUS!

A minister from Teen Challenge told me his testimony and God spoke to me. God said, “If I can change this drug addict, I can change you too. Come follow me!” I know God brought me to Teen Challenge to set me free and to help other people. Everything became so clear to me - it was like the mystery was revealed and it was amazing. “He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3 

Today I serve as development director here at ATC. My wife Katie and I love being a part of God’s kingdom here on earth.

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